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Alexandrea, also known as Alex is 1/2 of the Barker. She is also a content creator, entrepreneur, business consultant, and lifestyle influencer. She is collaborating with her long time bestie Anastasia on a lifestyle blog. Alexandrea’s contribution to the Barker blog will consist of fashion, makeup/beauty tips, business initiatives, fitness/meal prep ideas, colorful commentary, and professional Dos and Dont’s. She is a lover of all things 90s, music festivals, and a basketball fanatic. Catching a flight, followed by brunch and spa is her idea of a perfect day. She is also a scary a** thrill seeker-who  enjoys extreme sports and activities but will complain the whole time. She also plans to give you a peek into her dating world-but don’t get too nosy! 

Alexandrea is a St. Louis native who loves to travel, spend time with family and friends. She enjoys reading, writing, blogging, shopping, and brunching. As a Corporate Risk Consultant, and a self-proclaimed Corporate Babe you can find her navigating the corporate world and subsequently celebrating a successful day at your nearest happy hour.

Anastasia, known affectionally, as Ana – and in the internet streets as the  “Stasi Ruk" is a St. Louis native and a true Midwestern girl at heart. By day, she's in Records and Information Coordination and Management, and by night, she's a digital creative. She decided to launch The Barker with her best bud Alexandrea after much encouragement from friends, family and her growing social community - all who have watched them lend their own unique take on the ever-changing world.


As a digital and culture commentator, Anastasia plans to bring her comedic flair to transitioning from the single life to becoming a Mrs., plus-sized goals and woes, being a self-proclaimed “anti-social butterfly” and pretty much any quirky and crazy thing that comes to mind. In her down time, she enjoys online shopping (well, mostly addicted to adding items to her Amazon wish list), travel, vinyl collecting and linking up with my friends. She's slightly obsessed with home decor, library science, sitcom reruns, ice cream and beauty/closet tour/vlog channels on YouTube.

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