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Barker Moms

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

In honor of Mother’s Day the Barker Babes are weighing in on how they have been juggling working and parenting during quarantine. Pray for them y’all-ain’t nothing wrong with them but the kids are driving them crazy! ;)

“Self-Care. This may seem selfish, especially as the number one tip. But, let's be honest, if you're not having a good day, no one in your household is going to have a good day. Carve out some time (whether it's 15-30 minutes a day or some longer stretch of time each week) that's just for you. Start building a self-care regimen that helps you relax, maintain health, and gives you a break from being everything for everyone else. My partner and I each take our child's nap time to workout, shower and do a fun activity either together or independently like home improvements we had been putting off, video games, or other hobbies. Be understanding with yourself and others. I am exhausted. All. The. Time. The reality is that we are all experiencing a collective trauma. The fact that things have "slowed down" doesn't mean we should feel fine or put out productivity mantras to our peers. I don't know about anyone else but things are moving way too fast for me. It's enough some days that I can get up at 6:00am to cook breakfast for my toddler and be engaging while we play. While I consider myself lucky to still have my income, it's still very difficult and less than ideal to work from home with a toddler and a spouse, even if both are supposed to be entertaining each other. Fuck it. As long as your family is healthy. Your home is filled with love. Find what works for your household and yourself. “-Heather

“Number one tip is to get your rest. In the morning make a workstation for your child and yourself close to each other. Next plan worksheets and activities before the day of and look it over before giving to your kid because they will have questions.

Try to make the lessons fun to keep your kid engaged. Remember to be patient with your kid because having them all day can and will get frustrating. I like to take breaks and allow my son free time to recoup. (My break consists of me sneaking away to the bedroom and getting my wine stash out and taking a huge sip.) ;) Most importantly reward and encourage your child when they are catching on.” -Joi

"My goal everyday is to wake up before my child to accomplish as much work while they are sleeping. My tips for the working moms is first, try not to stress and give yourself time to adjust. Create a routine for you and your child to follow. Also, most importantly don’t be hesitant to let your manager or employer know that you may need a day off or two, or that you may not be able to attend a Zoom meeting. Especially during this time employers are understanding and acknowledging the need for personal time off, even as we work from home. Use those days to just relax, spend quality time with your family, or any activities that you enjoy doing. I like to use that time off to garden or get things done around the home that I've been too tired or distracted to finish. Just remember this: Patience. Prioritization. Plan. -and repeat.”- Martina

“Prep meals or bottles the night before so that you don't have to stop and cook during the day. Set up their playpen full of toys in front of your workstation. That way you can multitask and supervise them-and they know you are not far away in case they need something. If you need a break and some time to zone out, throw on your headphones turn the music up and

vibe out to your favorite song-or if it gets to be too much run like hell!! Just kidding. lol" -Roni

Happy Mother's Day from The Barker! -Alex & Ana



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