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Friday Entertainment Round Up

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The Barker is back with your entertainment roundup of events from the week. And Whew! -This week was nothing short of the drama!! Check out the Barker hot topics below:

Stay Scheming

We have to kick it off with #PorshaWillams- one of the stars of the #RHOA franchise, who set the internet on fire this week. Porsha announced on a Monday she is in love and engaged to #SimonGuobadia. As you know by now her new boo is her castmate/friend #FalynnGuobadia soon to be ex husband. 🥴We don’t know what’s going on with these very rich folks but whew chillayy! Conveniently It was also announced this week that Porsha landed a 3 part #Bravo special that will follow her life outside of #RHOA. Hmmmm.... maybe everyone is involved and this is a scheme that Porsha came up with to come to us with the bullshit! *aunt Nora voice* *real RHOA fans know* anyway! #lovewins I guess.

Tiffany Daytime Takeover

#EllenDengeres recently broke her silence to inform everyone that after 3000 plus episodes of the #TheEllenShow it will all come to an end after the final 19th season. The comedian plans to host the show one last time and end it on a big note. It has also being reported that Ellen’s previous guest host -Tiffany Haddish may be set to replace her daytime slot with her own show. We are so here for that! Tiffany has the experience, wit, charm, and we just know her interactions with the guests will be classic. You guys here for a potential Tiffany Daytime Takeover?

The F*cking Best of the Decade

The #ChampagnePapi can now add #ArtistoftheDecade to his long list of accolades. Drake will receive the Artist of the Decade Award at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards (#BBMAs) on May 26th live on #NBC. The 34-year-old Canadian/Houstatlantavegas is the most decorated artist in the show’s history, collecting 27 awards, including 12 in 2019. I mean #SoFarGone is a timeless bop. What's your favorite Drake song?

Without Remorse

If you’re looking for something new to watch #MichaelBJordan and #LaurenLondon star in the new action thriller based on the novel by #TomClancy titled #WithoutRemorse. This movie is action packed from the beginning to end! For those who’ve seen it-what did you think? If you haven’t seen it you can watch the #1 streaming movie only on #AmazonPrimeVideo.

Ladies Night

If you watch our stories you know The Barker loves all things 90s. So we were excited for this #Versuz match up with #SWV and #Xscape. Xscape held it down especially during the first half against what appeared to be the majority favorite SWV. While SWV came in hot and tore the second half of the night up. Highlights include:

  • JD and Da Brat surprise performances

  • Xscape- 'Do You Want To' encore performance

  • SWVs- 'Anything you Want' performance (the choreography!)

  • The oh so Atlanta audience

  • DJ Aone (dancing antics) and the legend DJ Spinderella

Both groups gave us a SHOW and a preview of what a joint tour might look like! Watch the replay on all things #Verzuztv and #Triller and #Fifetv. Put your favorite moment in the comments!

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