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Girls' Night In-Rosé & Pajamas Edition

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

"We’re going to be staying up late, drinking, making memories that we can laugh about for the rest of our lives."

Girls' Night looks a little different now a days but staying in isn’t so bad. A group of friends and I found a cute and creative way to celebrate a bestie's birthday via Zoom! Also, for the extroverts in your friend circle, parties via video conference might not be their thing. A great way to fix that is pair up with a friend (...first check their QuarantineFax-some of y’all been wilding lol) and do the video conference together. At the end of the day don’t let Miss Corona stop you from partying! Just think of it as a house party without the messy cleanup afterwards! Nor do you have to worry about whose driving, or requesting a Uber. Keep scrolling for my Pajama & Rosé Birthday Party Zoom Starter Kit.

Pajama & Rosé Birthday Party

Zoom Starter Kit


  • A theme for a Zoom birthday party doesn't seem necessary right? Who are we kidding us girls love themed parties! It's just another reason for us to swipe that card and buy things we'll only wear or use for one occasion. For this particular birthday party our theme was pink pajamas accompanied with our favorite bottle rosé.

  • Once you decide on your theme, create some cute invitations and send to all your attendees. Canva is a great site for creating custom invitations. I recommend doing it at least a week or two weeks in advance, so people can clear their schedule. On the invite Include the Zoom member ID and password, the theme of the party, and a very brief agenda for the party unless you feel like free-styling the event.

  • Do a quick Zoom practice call to make sure your WiFi, audio, and video are working properly (I think by now we've all seen some of the Verzuz battles on Instagram that didn't go quite right...).

  • Also, I would recommend sending a reminder a few days before the event to your attendees and confirm the guest list. People are busy and absentminded, and while adjusting to their new normal and just life in general. Also, you don’t want to join the call and be in there by your lonesome. Don't be that person doing an Instagram Live video with one viewer and talking to the camera like “OK I see y’all-just waiting for the numbers to go up". Nobody else is coming ma'am


  • Decorate your living room or any space you will be doing the video conference from. My friend and I decided to do the video conference together and decorated the living room with the following: a happy birthday banner, poster board with a happy birthday message, pink balloons, and pink/white faux fur pillows. Check out the following must-haves for a pajama party:

  • Sleep Mask with Sequins-I found this cute sleep mask at one of my favorite places to shop--*drum roll* TARGET! I'll definitely be reusing for a future flight.

  • Pink matching wine glasses from my local discount store were my favorite touch to the party.

  • Make Every Day A Party notepad and pink fluffy pen were also great finds at my local discount store.

Party and Pop Bottles!

  • Now it’s time to party. But first, what's a rosé party without the bubbly? Grab your bottle before you log in to the party. Target again comes in the clutch with the host's fave Rosé Bae California Rosé Wine. While you're at Target check out the guests faves as well: Cupcake Sparkling Rosé Wine and the rosé-ish Verdi Spumante Sparkling Wine.

  • Now you're ready! Log in to Zoom with the member and password link and join your girls! During the two hours we did cute round of intros, twerking breaks, drinking games, and girl chat. I loved that our host (birthday girl) was part timing as the DJ too! She even had cute side effects! C’mon DJ Bestie!

In addition to the Drinking Game, (where everybody takes a sip if they see someone else drinking), which is a quick way to get a buzz and start on that second bottle, might I add, here's a list of games to incorporate within your party:

  • Never Have I Ever

  • This is or That

  • Would You Rather

  • Truth or Dare

Girls' Night is vital to friendships and a great way to laugh, catch up, and show gratitude towards one another. Friendships take a lot more effort as we get older and take on more responsibilities, different roles, career changes, or relocation. Don't let time or distance apart be an excuse to not celebrate with your girls. We'll be able to see our girls in person soon, until then, "Cheers!!" *virtual clink*



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