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Halloween Wrap Up 2021: They Completed The Assignment!🎃👻

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

We have put together a list of our favorite looks from Halloween 2021! Check below for our full commentary on each look! What were some of your favorite Halloween looks?

1. Flomillish$t

Alex: Flo Milli did not have to eat this New York look! For the Love of Flo Milli forever!


2. Tabria Majors

Alex: The self proclaimed "Big Yella" gave us top production, body ody, dance moves, lip syncing, and everything else in her "Cilloween" tribute to Ciara. I loved it! Especially the renditions of "2 Step" and "Promise". Ciara definitely deserves her roses! You did that Tabria!

3. Jayda Wayda

Alex: The real Ms. PUT THAT SH*T on did not come to play!

Ana: If Pennywise was an ATL baddie!

4. Marlo Hampton

Alex: The new resident Peach Holder is always serving looks and she did not miss with this Whitney Houston homage.

Ana: One of my fave looks. I really liked it!

5. Serayah & Jacob Latimore

Alex: I love this and them!! We need a 2022 Flintstones Movie asap! Someone get Will Packer on the phone! I would definitely watch!

6. Liane & Don Benjamin

Alex: The newlyweds do not play when its comes to social media content-just check their Instagram pages! This was just one of their many Halloween looks and my favorite. Oh and the Velma look was the MVP of costumes this year!

7. Cardi B

Alex: Belcalis Adams!!

Ana: "Don't torture yourself, Gomez. That's my job." - Morticia

8. Chloe Bailey

Alex: Love this, Chloe didn't miss with this original idea!

Ana: Bailey Boop!

9. Shayla

Alex: "Okay ladies now lets get in formation!!" Our fave MakeupbyShayla never disappoints!

10. Rihanna

Alex: Rihanna plays all day but why do I want this look?!

Ana: Bad Gal Gunna!

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