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The Lowkey Review ft. The Barker

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

We had the opportunity to step into the Podcast world! Your girls took part in Episode 78 - The Lowkey Review - with Ralph and Johnnie, aka the gentlemen of @oversatthepodcast. We discussed our blog journey to date with @itsthebarker, why the #SayHerName movement is an important cause for Us to speak on, furthermore, how the relationships, character development, and show evolvement of the cult fave, @insecurehbo, defined its Season 4. This episode was such a dope experience - filled with fun conversation and laughs from beginning to end !!


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Also, if you would like to catch up with our Oversaturated family, hit the links provided below:

Johnnie: @jbs_esl_aamu

Oversaturated: Facebook; Instagram; Website; Youtube



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