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Meet us at The Shack

Another one! #barkerbrunchseries

This time the Barker Babes headed to The Shack located in Frontenac, MO for brunch festivities! 🥂✨

After a busy day of self care and running errands we met up for a late brunch around 1pm. Hey! Anytime is a great time for breakfast! :)

Although it was extremely busy, there was no wait for sitting. Our drinks and food came out timely too! But also spaced out perfectly for us to catch up and do some girl chat. The waiter even joined in on our convo about the upcoming SZA tickets concert.

Upon walking into the restaurant you’ll see the huge BACON sign and color writing over the walls and tables. Yes, customers are encouraged to sign their autographs on the tables and walls. If you can find a space definitely leave your behind!

Restaurant and Vibes: ✨


On the Menu: 🍽🥂

-Country Fried Steak and Hash browns

-scrambled eggs and smoked bacon

-Classic Shack Pancake

-Everything Tastes Better in Denver Omelette

-Brioche French Toast


-Shut Up You’re Fine Champagne

Few things to note:

🧇 🥂- Several locations in MO including Chesterfield and Creve Coeur.

🧇🥂-Although reservations are unavailable the restaurant has a wait list you can join online for a table.

🧇🥂- Open seven days a week from 6:30am-2pm.

🧇🥂- Plenty of restaurant parking at the Frontenac location.

🧇🥂- Plenty of food options on the menu!

Last Call: The Kitchen Sink Skillet is also a fave! Check it out!

Share your experiences below!

Bon Appétit!  🤎🌱



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