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My Top 12 Favorite YouTube Channels.

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This article is part of The Summer Social Content Series. List-style articles that will help you navigate through countless digital portals and hopefully find some gold within each novelty.

If you've been following me over on Twitter for a while, you'd know that I advocate for YouTube; It is truly my TV. There's a YouTube channel for almost any interest or skill - even for the ones you didn't know you had. And especially with hashtag: quarantine life being the current wave momentarily, there's a plethora of people looking for ways to keep themselves entertained, or creating content based around their passions, whether old or newfound. Lowkey, I've been toying with the idea of starting a channel..but we'll see lol.

In this first part of The Summer Social Content Series, I want to showcase my current favorite YouTube Channels that range from Home Decor to Technology. This is a very cool and sophisticated variety if I say so myself. I believe they can be interesting for most of you. I hope you enjoy !!

Note: all featured photos are linked to their mentioned YouTube accounts. all photos were pulled from each influencers' linked Instagram accounts.

In no particular order...

1) Will On A Whim

Will Humphrey - a New Jersey native - by way of South Carolina is a Brown University grad, currently West Coastin' it. His Youtube channel, willonawhim, caught my attention a couple years ago because he is a Black male natural hair influencer...what a rarity! His videos are energetic, vivid, and detailed. I've used some of his suggested hair products and regimens myself. Get into his mane!

2) Drew Scott / Lonefox

Home decor, design, and DIYs bring me so much joy. My IG Stories bare proof of that. It's an extension of you, and Drew Scott is an example of that. His concepts and designs are art. He even builds furniture! His love for DIY and decor has become so popular, that he now has a second channel, Lone Fox. When it's that time to purchase my first home, I am for sure incorporating some of his techniques.

IG: @drewscott; @lonefoxhome. DIY Channel: Drew Scott

3) Heather and Tarell

I love these two. Heather and her fiancé Tarell (TX and California natives, respectively) are the modern-twist to a fairy tale. Not long after they met, Tarell traveled to Heather's hometown, scooped her up, and drove back to LA to begin a new life, together. They eventually started two well-known street wear companies, Sorella and S.W.I.S.H, had children and the rest is history. They share storytelling, business lessons, travel, and pranks in their vlogs. They even address their subscribers as "Meeks Gang" - a moniker created from their last name to make their subs feel more like family...It's a fresh vibe. I highly recommend this channel.

IG: Heather - @heathersanders_; Tarell - @_kingtrell; Sorella - @sorellaboutique

4) MsVaughnTV

Vaughn is a Chicago-based vlogger who dedicated her channel to all the happenings in her life. She's a wife, entrepreneur, naturalista, and an Autism Mom. Her real-life unfolds in a way that's authentic, complex yet honest. With many channels hiding behind smoke and mirrors, it's refreshing to see a Black, millennial woman's true journey.

5) The Skorpion Show

2006 was the year I discovered my love for blogs. A couple of years after that, one of my then favorites, Concreteloop, posted a Precious movie spoof from these two guys from Philly. I cry-laughed for hours and immediately followed The Skorpion Show right away. Kevin and Makael are the innovators of the duo-hosting set-up in the YouTube space, among other things. Almost 12 years later, I'm still rocking with them.

IG: Kevin - @theskorpionshow; Makael - @makael86

6) The UnFrumpy Mommy Life

Tan is a fun-loving, Atlanta-based stay-at-home Mom, who was once an educator. She's an HBCU grad (FAMU) and is married to an Engineer, Erik, who has taken very well to the vlog world himself. She took to Youtube to chronologize her life, which is centered around her beautiful home, booming businesses, and her family. Tan reminds me of a new-age B. Smith...check her out!

FYI: her closet and home gym is lit, lol.

7) The Ellises

Devale and Khadeen Ellis, with their three boys, made the voyage to LA from Brooklyn, NY to chase their dreams and to build an empire. They've been hustling nonstop (acting, hosting, etc.) and took to document their journey as a "Social Sitcom" on Youtube as The Ellises Network. From there, both Devale and Khadeen have their separate channels and a Webby Award-winning podcast, Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale Ellis. I can't wait to see what The Ellises do next.

IG: Devale - @iamdevale; Khadeen - @khadeeniam

8) Alissa Ashley

Alissa is such a fly girl. She's an LA-based makeup artist, photographer, and an identical twin! So cool. Her content speaks for itself, seeing that she has over two million subscribers. Truly self-made. I don't own a stitch of makeup and wouldn't have a clue of how to apply it. However, I live vicariously through every application she applies to that gorgeous face. What she does is pure art.

IG: @alissa.ashley; Photography page - @byalissaashley

9) Monroe Steele / FashionSteeleNYC

I came across Monroe Steele early this year. Her channel, FashionSteeleNYC, was in the Recommended section; all it took was one vlog, and I was hooked. Monroe is an NYC Fashion blogger, by way of Durham, North Carolina. My girl has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and practiced in the Empire State for 9 years. She ran a clinic for 4 of those years while blogging at the same time. Talk about dedication! She's now a full-time blogger and is killing it.

FYI: Monroe's travel and Fashion Week vlogs are perfection... *chef's kiss*

10) J. Williams

There's a very tiny community of Black Techies on YouTube -- in my opinion, J. Williams is at the forefront of that. J. knows his stuff and his channel steers you in the right direction of what's hot in the streets. What I appreciate about him is he's direct and thorough; He sits with his products for a while, then uploads honest reviews. Fun fact: he's responsible for my decision to purchase the phone I have now. AND not only did he look out for me for a discount referral code, he does it for all of his subscribers. Shoutout my mans! Lol.

11) Funky Dineva

You've probably been living under a rock if you don't know who Miami-native Quentin Latham (Q), aka Funky Dineva is. He brings a brand of intellect and hilarity to cultural/social issues, entertainment, and celebrity gossip like none other. Not too many, if any, can pull this off constantly. I love that he is unapologetic, insightful, and honest. There's a level of internal conflict that has to happen as a well-known commentator, and everyone pulling at you, too. Q hasn't been shy about his own internal battles, however when breaks to collect himself and then comes back to the camera, he shares his breakthroughs and boisterousness.

12) Deeper Than Hair TV

Who doesn't love HAIR?! I'm liable to give you a new style, cut, and color (s/o to MC Debra) on any given day. Celebrity stylist, Annagjid (Ahh-Nah-Kee) "Kee" Taylor, doesn't make my mild addiction to frequently changing up my style any better. Kee splits her time between her hometown Philadelphia and LA for work. She's a sweet soul and cares a lot for her clients. She's a wizard with hair and can do anything with it. Her motto is to: "teach you the importance of healthy hair and how to achieve it the best way possible." She does just that.

Who are your go-to YouTubers right now? Any channel you think I should know about?! Let me know in the comments which channels you're subscribed to.



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