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Quarantine Mamí

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

During these unorthodox times, I'm trying to balance my new normal and continue being a Quarantine Mamí. Lets get straight to it-- All the late night snacking, and unnecessary trips to the refrigerator for NO REASON are over! Once outside re-opens its going to hit different! . I don’t care where I’m getting invited to. Just know I'll actually be on time. The people that know me and those of you getting to know me, will learn I'm never on time for anything (except work of course)-and guess what? My friends are even worse! (Y'all know who you are!). But Listen Linda, I'll be there early to the function helping the good folks set up.

it’s still enough time to get our summer’s body and body goals in order. Just think crop tops, shorts, swimsuits galore! (The picture above should be giving all the motivational feels). I’m excited just thinking about the day parties, the brunches, and music festivals! Yes, the gyms are closed for now, but there’s so many activities that you can do online with a friend that will burn the calories just the same. There are plenty fitness trainers doing virtual classes. One thing I’ve been doing is grabbing my gym buddy and setting up time during the day for a conference video workout via Zoom or Google Meets Video. Sometimes we’ll put together our own 30 minute routine or choose a workout video via YouTube and share our screen so we can see each other and the video. It’s a great way to motivate each other as if we were sitting right next to each other in a cycling class. One of our favorite workout videos is Pop Sugar Fitness's- 30 Minute Hip Hop Tabata to Torch Calories! It’s a quick and fun sweat session.

Another way to keep those unnecessary pounds off is simply taking a walk. One thing I use to do when I would come into the office, is get up from my desk-grab my favorite co-worker (when co-workers become full time besties? WIN!). Once I change out of my work heels into tennis shoes, we would take a walk around the office buildings on break.

Oh how I miss a good pamper and spa day. Unfortunately a lot of hair/beauty and spa shops are closed. However this is the perfect time to master doing some of these things ourselves. If you have a hairstyle you've been wanting to try out, YouTube that tutorial. My next DIY project is going to be passion twists. (wish me luck!) While on YouTube fall into the rabbit hole of makeup tutorials. It's so many lit MUAs doing their thing and they have videos for every kind of look. I'll be making a post soon on my favorite go to MUAs and favorite makeup looks. Finally go on line or hit up your local beauty supply store (with mask on, of course) and pick up some mani/pedi or spa kit supplies. Get to work on them dogs! If they ain't pretty no one is going to pet them or li...OK!!! Also I hate to say it, but press on nails have been coming in clutch for me! Try the KISS Nails brand and let me know what you think!

Lastly, I've been envisioning what I would like the rest of my year to look like. Try to visualize what you can control over the next few months. Start with the vision board you didn’t complete or even start in December or January, get to it! We still have 6 plus months left of the year to crush some goals! I recently just finished mine--so no judgment over here, now I can cross it off my list! Try breaking your vision down into categories such as passions, career goals, skills you want to improve or gain, family and relationships, or traveling (I know-just wait).

Alright Quarantine Mamís get to it! Please also share what's keeping you tight and right in our new normal.



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