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Supporting Revolutionary Causes: In the Streets and from Home.

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The recent murders, political admin, and Pandemic have wretched shop throughout the world. With media controlling the narrative, you would think cities like Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis have lost momentum and went back to business as usual - and that's far from the truth. People are still out in the field organizing, protesting, and peacefully marching. Unfortunately, they are not met with reciprocity. To continue with the fight for justice, those who have committed themselves to the struggle need assistance. With this post, we want to display ways in which you can be a part of any movement, while on the ground and from the comfort of your own home.

1) KNOW THE LAW - Hold legislators accountable. Familiarize yourself with laws in your area, and contact your Representatives.

2) MAKE A DONATION - If you have it to spare, consider sending funds to organizations, bail funds, etc. (example: ACLU).

3) BE A CARETAKER - Offer resources to affected communities and in-field protestors and organizers. (cases of water; food; carpool; first-aid materials; masks, hand sanitizer, etc).

4) AMPLIFY - Be eyes and ears for updates and developments. (fact check; share updates; use your social presence to rally).

5) UNPLUG - You're no good to movement if you're unhealthy within. Find a subsidy for relief and unwind. (listen to music/share playlist; get some sleep; check in on friends and family; contact a counselor; get some fresh air; meditate/yoga/spiritual advice).

6) VOTE !!

Also, check out our previous post, #SayHerName, where we linked various petitions, initiatives and sites to stay socially active, updated and aware.



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