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The Barker Presents: Through the Lens of Alison

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Today we are highlighting a special guest on The Barker. Alison, is not only one of my best girlfriends (and Ana's in her head.. lol) she is an avid supporter of The Barker (WE LOVE YOU GIRL!!). She is also an artist, photographer, creative and fellow Webster University Alum. I got a chance to catch up with Alison and discuss all of her creative goodness, and what's been keeping her busy during this time. Alison has been expanding on her creative juices during quarantine and took some beautiful photographs featuring Mother Nature. She was kind enough to share her world through her lens and the outcome was too good to keep to ourselves. Enjoy!

Alex: Alison my love! Thank you for joining me and being our first feature guest on The Barker. I find myself being surrounded by so many creatives and you are hands down one of my favorites. I love seeing your creative growth over the years. Where does your artistic skills and talents come from-was it inherited or something you've developed over the time?

Alison: "I have been very fortunate to grow up in a house of craftsmen. My father, a cabinet maker and blacksmith and my mother, a cornhusk doll maker and skilled sewer. I enjoy connecting back to my upbringing as I use my hands-on skills I learned from early on. I love perfecting and honing my skills in addition to learning new ones to incorporate into my repertoire."

Alex: So being in quarantine-I've noticed that a lot of people are staying busy and really using this time to rediscover passions, pick up books, and not letting the time go to waste and I couldn't agree anymore. For example, Ana and I kicked off our blog and have so many other things in the works together and independently. What has been keeping you creative and busy during Quarantine?

Alison: "A little about what I’m creating. I’m currently searching for that little something I enjoy making that I can one day sell. I’ve been trying my hand at various things, seeing if it’s something I want produce further into production and sell. Recently I have been making scrunchies and face masks.

As well as assembling a garden and planter boxes to grow vegetables. My next creative endeavor I want to dive into will likely be wind chimes. And hopefully start a few paintings on raw wood sourced from my yard."

Alex: That is so awesome-I love it! What gave you the motivation to start your hands with production and selling?

Alison: "I started a year and half ago making small hanging planters out of gourds. I found a retailer, but got stuck when they said they needed them waterproof. I mulled over the idea for way too long. Then when quarantine hit I decided it was time the planters find a method to make them truly plant friendly and find their way out of my house. Since the retailer I was to work with was closed, I opted to give them away to friends. I truly enjoy dreaming up something and then seeing it come to life. I love the process of turning nothing into something. The gift of giving some something you made with your hands and seeing them smile. The way you feel when you stand back and hmmm I guess it was possible."

Alex: Since our college days I know you to be a very serious recycler and all about saving our world *sings we are the world..we are the* Do you mind sharing with the audience some of your favorite places to donate to and shop at?

Alison: *laughs* Yes, a few creative resources I love donating to and shopping from are as follows: 

St. Louis Teacher Recycle Center:

Earthbound Recycling: 

Perennial STL:

Alex: Before we get out of here-I have always loved your eye for capturing visuals and Ana has even said that your photographs are "very aesthetic-pleasing". Can you tell us a little about your passion for photography?

Alison: "My passion for photography really bloomed this Spring. With the need to quarantine I was looking for a way to find peace and connect with my mother and aunt. I would take walks and snap pictures of flowers and send them off so they could take virtual walks with me. It has been an amazing process to see all the flowers in my area come to life and share their beauty with others."

Alex: Alison, if people want to reach out to you for some of your creations and more of your photographs, where can people contact you at?

Alison: "I’m slowly getting my social media game together, but Instagram: @LaconicFringe is the best way to find me."

I hope you all enjoyed this interview. Please follow Alison, to see more of her work and get your hands on her creations. As always, continue to visit the site for our next feature. If you like to be featured as a guest contributor please contact us

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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2020

Ana and Alex are two of the most driven, passionate and outstanding women I know! I can recall the earliest stages of Alex and Ana dreaming up this beautiful concept of a space to speak and share their mind. You both have done it! It is here and the place is real! Truly an honor to be featured here on the Barker.Thank you both for allowing me this opportunity!!


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