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The Entity Heist

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

One of the great things about social media is that you can say just about whatever you want. The worst thing about social media is that we're subjected to other people saying whatever they want, lol. Every other day, it seems we're being accosted by memes and threads of clout chasing antics or silly life anecdotes. And as much as you use your trusty filter options for peace of mind, there's usually one...or ten pieces of propaganda that still find their way to your social porch.

Among our favorite *eye roll* Black Twitter jeopardy categories such as "$200 dates," lies one notion circulating the most and has two-stepped on my last nerve. Its this rather obnoxious idea that if you don't own an LLC or some sort of business altogether, you're not "living your best life." Granted, most of these topics had on Twitter, and elsewhere, tends to fall on deaf ears after a while. But to completely discount other forms of made-living and accomplishment is lazy, unclear, incomplete, and dangerous. I think most of this stance is steeped in internalized elitism and classism, but that's a topic for another time. It's something to be said for influencers pushing this sentiment, but barely offering up any how's & why's, trial and errors, sustainability, etc. There's a heavy cost to be the boss, and I tip my bonnet to anyone daring the pursuits of enterprise.

To help reinforce our thoughts surrounding influencing and entrepreneurship, I would like to offer what I call "Community Impact Efforts." These efforts are for anyone searching for self-fulfillment, urging to stamp their imprint on the world, or those wanting to explore their interests within initiatives larger than themselves. Now, I want to reiterate: what's offered can (and have) fall into a career path, however, sometimes it's just about focusing on the principle of service.

Community Impact Efforts

The Arts

  • Support the theater

  • Attend local workshops

  • Join a Board of Directors

  • Assist with classroom arts

  • Be a sponsor

Community Revitalization

  • assisting an Economist/Urban Planner

  • Habitat For Humanity

  • Neighborhood clean-ups

  • Spend time helping at family support centers

  • Youth mentoring

  • Rehabilitation advocacy

Employment Mentorship

Social and Community Service Managing

  • writing grant proposals

  • volunteering at food banks and soup kitchens

  • emergency shelter assisting

  • political research and review

  • local event/fundraiser hosting

What are your thoughts on this matter? Are you #Team9to5, #RunMeThatLLC or just plain ole indifferent about the two? Let Us know your thoughts in the comments.



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