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The Real Housewives of Potomac 🌸 -Season 6 RHOP Recap

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

📸: IG/bravohousewives

The Real Housewives of Potomac -Season 6 was nothing short up golden reality tv entertainment. The ladies: Wendy, Karen, Gizelle, Robyn, Ashley, Candiace, and Mia all carried this season. So much so, it had the Housewives streets whispering how they have officially passed RHOA popularity. Additionally, Askale was introduced as a friend of Robyn’s and was the perfect addition to the housewives ensemble.

Part 1 of the 4 Part (Yes! The season was that good!) reunion will air this Sunday, November 7 at 8/7c. This season was packed with group drama, husband tea, tears, fights (not like last season) and plenty of laughs. 17 episodes total and none of them were filler and kept us tuning in every Sunday. The ladies brought it to a new level with the fashion this season and from the looks of the reunion sneak peaks they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Before the reunion starts let’s take a look back at some of my favorite confessional looks and all the Potomac juiciness of Season 6! ***spoilers ahead***


Dr. Wendy aka Ms. 4 Degrees came in hot for her Sophomore Season! Her upgraded look and style were the topics of discussion throughout the season. The first episode we got a front row seat to Happy and Ness during her “Nude Interlude” party (super cute party theme!). If you don’t know by now Happy and Ness are Wendy’s new friends. Listen, the first season check cleared and Wendy’s surgeon threw some Double D’s on it! Although Wendy was a little mum on the other nips and tucks she got done-I personally loved it! The amount of change that a woman’s body goes through after birthing children is ALOT! I love when women do what makes them feel confident and happy (surgery or not)! I’m sure her husband Eddie loves it too! Speaking of the hubby Wendy immediately shut down any rumor mill talk of Eddie having extramarital affairs. Some of the ladies *coughs* Green Eyded Bandits thought Wendy’s new look was a result of it. They learned very quickly one thing you not going to do is talk about Eddie! We also saw Wendy stepping her foot into the home essentials world, and started with creating a one wick candle line. You can now add entrepreneurship to those 4 degrees! What do you guys think of Wendy’s new look this season? Will you be buying some of her #OnyiHomeEssentials?


Speaking of home essentials, The Grand Dame herself is also adding candles to her home decor line. But not to get it confused with Wendy’s candles. Karen is selling three wick candles and not that one wick sh$t Wendy is selling. (lol her words not mine lol) Ok. She didn’t really say that but in so many words she did. Now it’s not clear whether Wendy gave her the idea after consulting with her on it or if Karen already had it in production. Hmmm- not it’s giving Candle Wars lol. Anyway outside of the home essentials we saw Wendy and Karen’s friendship blossom mainly over the dislike for a certain Green Eyed Bandit. We also saw Karen serve looks on top of looks each episode. I mean she truly eats the girls up in the fashion department. In the finale we got to see the entire cast and their husbands join Karen and Ray at their 25th Anniversary vow renewal. The ceremony and her dress were everything! Karen brought a lot of laughs this season per usual. Did we ever figure out what that Sing Sing was about? Lol. What’s next for the Surry County Ambassador?


Karen’s arch nemesis for almsost the majority of the season, Gizelle was the center of some heated discussions and drama. The Wendy drama, the Eddie drama, the Mia drama, and the Karen Drama. Did I miss anything? I mean Gizelle had her hands in every bit of it this season. She definitely lived up to her tag line “The secret to this pretty face is staying in the shade.” The one drama she did stay out of was the Jamal drama. Lol. I did love the honest and blunt conversations with Gizelle and her daughters about relationships and the effects of communication and displaying real emotions. *looks up Giselle’s zodiac sign* Although the beef between her and Karen is entertaining I loved seeing moments of them having fun and getting along. One of my absolute favorite episodes was when Giselle hosted the ladies at her house (or driveway) for the Reasonably Shady Event. The editing, commentary, and shade was everything! What more would you like to see of Gizelle? Her real dating life perhaps? The finished product of Hotel Gizelle? Whatever she decides to share, the resident Gossip Girl will have a lot to work with next season.


Gizelle’ Green Eyed Bandit counterpart Robyn was right by her side this season. As much as so they created a podcast called Reasonably Shady. (Super cute name, btw). Besides the podcast we saw Robyn very much so dealing with what seemed like bouts of seasonal depression and just life during a global pandemic. We saw Robyn juggling her Embellished line, assisting with her kids remote schooling, and staying at home full time. I think her exhaustion was definitely felt by us viewers! Juan was able to whip her back in shape as they discussed having a new baby, and finding office and storage space for Embellished. Robyn was also able to cut loose at the girls trip in Williamsburg. My favorite scene is when she started throwing back the whiskey drinks like shots! Lol. Will Robyn and Juan finally get remarried? And is a baby girl in their near future?


Ashley Darby or like the internet streets like to call her Ashley Cat or Doja Darby due to her uncanny resemblance to singer #DojaCat. The similarites are there! Check Ashley’s Instagram page and see for yourself. The beginning of the season we saw Ashley bring into the world her second son Dylan! Ashley has come a long way since her wild debut as she now enters motherhood. Two kids under two! However like her tag line: “The only thing messier than two boys is me.” she did not shy away from creating some drama. She came with her breast pumping and nursing bra intact and dropped the Eddie rumor bomb on Wendy. Which blew the whole Williamsburg trip up, and as soon as she came with the mess she left. Her ongoing feud with Candiace ever since the Monique debacle continued throughout the season. I’m sure will we see it come to ahead at the reunion. After having her second baby we saw Ashley more so battling getting her sexy back with husband Michael (and avoiding any past relationship misconduct) and not so much postpartum depression she experienced with her first baby Dean. Sounds like eating the placenta actually helped and good for her!! What’s next for Ashley Cat?


Candiace had a whole lot to say this season about everyone and that mouth can get crazy! Her confessional commentary was probably my favorite next to Karen’s this season! The beginning of the season we saw her and husbandger Chris move into their new gorgeous home. And it appears they did it without the help of her mom Ms. Dorothy. Candiace is also enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the School of Business at Howard University. Gone Candiace! On top of that we saw her getting into her acting and singing bag. Her video shoot and some of the production mishaps had the girls asking... Who’s in charge? (mostly led by newcomer Mia who was on the set to get all the tea!) This incident led to Mia later on calling the video shoot low budget. Which Candiace did not take well. If I was Candiace I would of told her “yes the video is low budget I’m an upcoming indie artist and I’m on a budget. I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my ish!” Candiace instead retorted with calling Mia’s mother low budget. (Unbeknownst of Mias mother past). Chillleee. We know Candiace has more in the vault than just “yo momma jokes” so ladies especially any new castmates should be aware! What do you want to see more from Candiace?


Newcomer Mia came in strong. We learned very quickly about her vagina. Lol Yep! (So glad we got that cleared up!) But as the season went on we got to see Mia in full boss and mommy mode and balancing the two. Mia owns the franchise for chiropractic clinics called The Joint Chiropractic. Boss Sh$t! Mia did not hit it off with Zen Wen at the beginning as she questioned the work she got done and Wendy called her out on her flip flopping with the girls. We also saw Mia have a few heated arguments with Candiace about how much is husbanger Chris getting paid and the “low budget” video shoot. If Mia don’t do one thing she’s going to say what’s on her mind. We also learned about Mia‘s childhood upbringing and was introduced to her biological mother. The two are on the mends of fixing their bond. We also got to meet Mia’s other half Gordon or better known as G. G is a character and once that liquor hit babbbyyy he WAS ALOT (see GVO or GTFO! Episode)! Mia seemed to straddle the fence with the ladies at the beginning but came into her own towards the end. How did Mia do as a RHOP newcomer?


Askale was introduced as Robyn’s friend but she quickly took a liking to Wendy and Candiace. I think she was the perfect finishing touch to the group. She‘s got plenty of style and grace and her fashion was top notch this season! I mean from the Dolce and Gabbana Patchwork Logo Embroidered Sweatshirt,

Dolce & Gabbana single-breasted patchwork blazer, and the red Loretta Dress by House of CB pictured above.....need I say more? Askale brought the facial expressions 😮 and when she spoke lil mama had something to say! Plus her hubby seems like a cool fit with the rest of the husbands. I would not mind seeing her holding a champagne glass in the opening credits for Season 7. Do you guys want to see more of Askale and her family?

Also RHOP Queens got the Head Barbie #NickiMinaj to co-host the reunion! Are you excited to see what Nicki will stir up? Remember the cute premiere trailer the ladies did called “Potomac for Life” which was a spin on Nicki’s “Moment for Life”? Now it all makes sense! What conflicts need resolutions and what questions need answers? Don’t forget to comment below on your favorite looks, scenes, and episodes below!

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